Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Well guys, i'm back.
i just felt like i needed to go on rant, and i'm not sure why

so, to start off....
my sister is having a baby, and i'm way excited.
it's a girl! thank heavens.
she's due in June i think?
when she told us, Crew, my soon to be 5 year old nephew cried.
he said "but i wanted a brother!"
too cute.
i cannot wait to hold a new born baby.

on top of that, i've been dating my best friend for almost 6 months.
6 months!
we've had our ups and downs for sure, 
but i cant stay away from him.
he's the first boyfriend i've ever had.
as well and the first person i've said the L word to and actually meant it with my whole heart. 
he's one of the most patient, respectful, fun, hard working people i've ever met.
he has to be patient to be dating a crazy person like me.
i hate to be that girlfriend that just rants about how wonderful their boyfriend is. 
but he truly is so great.
he always makes me laugh when i don't want to.
he buys me flowers when i'm sad.
and he puts up with my serious Diet Coke addiction.
oh and....

he got me this:
yeah, a cat guys. A CAT.
and i love her a lot.
she cuddles with me every night.

On top of everything i got a promotion at work
and i'm back in school.
it feels so good to be learning again.
that sounds super gay...
but it's way true.
i'm only taking 6 credits, so judge me if you want...
but i think after taking 3 semesters off it's about time i take something.
so there it is.
that's my life, school, work, Ivan and Kitty.
i don't really have to much to complain about.
i'm very blessed and i'm so grateful for the life i've been given.
so yippie.
now all i need is Ed Sheeran tickets....
and a trip to Disneyland and i'll be one happy girl.

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