Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My First Post.

I dont really know what i'm supposed to write for these i'll just start with saying i like to take pictures. a lot. and the fact that i have best friends who like to be photographed, i tend to made them be my models. sans the fact that about a week ago i found out what shutter speed and aperature most of the pictures Pre-Photo class are...good, but not pro by any means. so here's a few. some taken by me, some by the Pod and some by Haley or Mal:)
So Me. i'm Jenna. Hence the J.

This is Mallory. hence the M.

and this is...Master Wook.
hence the H.

I love the Beach. kindof a lot. and turns out that in Utah...we have one! who knew. don't be fooled by the mountains. that's just the other islands.
or by the creepy people in the water. they like to float i think. it's pretty though. we had a fun time there. we took a bunch of pictures, i had an extremely hard time figuring out the lighting....since i didn't know how to change it.

this is us. they're sisters. i'm...adopted. not into their family. but we pretend.


  1. "I'm adopted. Not into their family." hahaha kills me! Good work Yenna! More! More! MORE! I demand MORE!! :)

  2. haha ok. hold your horses Mal. i'll put some epic ones from our birthday partay up. nbd.