Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy Daughter Day.

On the 21st of September, my daddy didnt have work, so we went on an adventure. Our adventure started off with a 9:00 trip to the doctor where we proceeded to sit in the waiting room and read our US magazines, while my mother talked to the doctor about her back...oh the back...anyways. it was fun. we went to Ipod where i found a bug under one of the stupid advertisements. turns out it was still alive. sooo nasty. we went home, my dad took a nap, i got a DC and then our adventure really started. We went golfing. turns out i am so terrible at it, but it was still fun! i was so sore the next day. haha. then we went up the canyon.
I love the canyon. it was so pretty. i don't think i've ever realized how pretty they are. the leaves were just starting to turn yellow and it was beautiful! at the top of Big Cotton Wood canyon is Brighton resort...i honestly don't know if it's "at the top", but it sure is up there. there's this little trail thing and it goes around this lake that was once a glacier. it's so pretty!

See? i like to take pictures, i like these pictures. i think the one on the left looks like it should be in a scene of the Vampire Diaries...and the right one is just wicked sweet. haha i like the colors in both. I think this one looks like it should be like a computer background. haha

And this is pretty much it. i love the canyons and i love my dad. we had such a fun time. i'm so glad he could hang out me me!:)


  1. Tender!! I love it Jenna! When you come up to Logan you'll LOVE driving through the canyon! And then I'll take you to another one and you'll die at how gorgeous it is.

  2. haha yes! ps. i have a genious plan for Logan. so...that's it. i'll text you when i get back from dance:)