Saturday, May 21, 2011


ok, so in the beginning, i decided that oh this'll be fun to post a blog about my life. which...with my like 2 posts under my belt maybe that was the start of the end. so we're gunna go for a round 2. maybe i can be inspired again or something. i don't know. but, hopefully the few people that see my blog can be inspired too? yes, most of my posts from here on out will be pictures i take. probably because that's what i like to do. and because i think that the pictur
es i take are better than anyone else's. just kidding. but kindof not. and, if the world ends today-like everyone says it will-then i don't want to be the girl known for not being honest! am i right?
anyways. the picture of the palm trees was taken in Flarida. one of the best trips i've ever been on. the whole fam came and we had a lot of fun. my brother's girlfriend came with us...and then like 2 months later they got engaged. i'm glad she could handle our crazy family, that takes a lot. but i love her and i'm stoked. i will be taking some of there engagements. soon hopefully! and then i will try and post them.
i also think i have the cutest nephew and niece in the whole world.
which as you can see is true. i love these kids just like they're my
own. they are so cute. Crew is turning 3 next week. and he's already hitting the terrible 3's. but, he's an angel and you cant but love his cute face. he's really one of the sweetest little boys in the whole world. he's so full of joy and love, and you cant help but feel that when you're around him.
Jada, is 10 months...i think. but yes. she is the cutest baby in the whole world. my mom and i just baby sat these 2 over night. it's hard being a mom, but when that little baby grabs onto your leg and just wants to sit in your lap or have you hold her. melts my heart. she crawls so fast and eats everything. i love this baby so so much.

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