Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Collge. Round 2.

Well, yet again, i'm here blogging. maybe i'll make this into a habit. Especially since it'll give me something to do during the 2 hour break i have between classes.
So i'm officially a University student. And so far i LOVE it. love love love it. As much as i miss home, moving out was a good idea. i was ready for it. who knew? It's also the best thing in the whole world to be able to take a 5 minute bus ride to campus and be able to walk home. who ever decided to have housing so close to a campus was a freaking genius. So life as an Aggie has been interesting. seeing people from high school has been...nice? and crushing on my best friend's ex-boyfriends's best friend really is great too. BUT, i do now officially pwn at COD. yeah. it's fine. i'm a gamer and i'm proud. i've beaten Mike and Kyle at it. who's awesome!? me.
So having room mates has been quite the experience. i was pretty nervous about that. well, that's the thing i was actually really nervous for. but, so far it has been great. i feel like my roommates are my sisters. i love them all! some of them are a bit messier than others, but it's fine. For now. I'll probably rage fight the messy ones, but it's ok. there hasn't been any drama...at all. well, unless you count our war with D2. they steal our stuff, we steal theirs. it's nothing. the other day Haley and i woke up at like 1 and went to eat breakfast, then realized our toaster was gone. little did we know D2 had stolen it like 2 days before. so, lookin real nice, we went and got our toaster back. i had corndogs for breakfast that day, so not having a toaster wasn't the end of the world for me. haha but poor Haley was gunna rage fight someone.
Haley and i have gotten along really well. I'm optimistic about this year, despite what everyone has said to us, we really are getting along. There hasn't been any fights. I did have a break down once, but, it was fine. I've learned a lot already about her and what to say and what not to. I love this girl so much and i'm so glad that we get to live with each other! There's moments where i've been bugged, but i tweeted about  it, then i'm fine. i'm come to realize that if i'm mad it's not worth even bringing up. it's not gunna matter in the morning, and if i laugh it off usually it's fine. and if not i'm not worried about not telling her. if that made any sense....So anyways. it's been fun so far. we've had a lot of good times. a lot of jokes and i'm thankful for her ability to talk to people, cuz without her i don't know what i'd do!

The hardest thing for me is to not be able to see my snuggles. i miss Crew and Jada so much. It's sad to know that they're growing up and i'm missing it! Especially when i'm told all the cute stuff they say! Like that Jada can say MiMi! Cutest thing ever. but, i do get to see them tomorrow. so i'm excited about that! i just hope she realizes who i am!

And then there's my Crewzer. i miss this little boy so much. and i'm so glad for Smartphones. without Heytell, there's no way he'd talk to me. but it's so fun for me to wake up to a cute little message from him saying he misses me, or he got a CTR ring or Toms. cutest thing ever. He starts pre-school today. when did he even get that big?! i swear it was yesterday when he was born. my little guy is all grown up. well, not my little guy. but anyways. i miss him and his cute little laugh and squeals. i hope he's as excited to see me as i am to see him.

My post is come to an end. and i'm not quite sure if i'm supposed to write a concluding paragraph. i guess it's not English...and it's my life. So there.
Signing off.
ps. that was for you Haley.

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  1. CREW IS SUCH A STUD!! Holy crap. I want to see more of those pictures.

    And I'm glad you and Haley are getting along. :)