Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fail: that's an F word.

i'm failing life.
ok...not literally.
but...kind of. 
i studied alllll Monday. literally.
from 3pm to 1:30am i studied.
with maybe 2 hours of breaks.
while Haley hung out with Mike for a good 5 hours of that.
while i studied.
then we took the Bio test.
i got a 60%.
she got a 70%.
life is unfair.
but whatever. 
then after my bio test, i studied for 2 more hours for my other test.
i didn't get the results for that till yesterday morning.
where i had slept through my classes. 
one i have a test friday,
and the other one i had to miss one more time and i fail.
too many absences. 
so i woke up at 12:30.
after Haley called me telling me i was gunna miss class.
i check my email and find out i got a 58% on my other test.
so i went back to sleep.
that was just too much to handle all at once.
tooo much.
so i woke up at 3. 
no joke.
so i get up and me and Britt decided to go to the grocery store,
where we run into Kenzi...who was working at the ham place.
which was the best. 
she is so freaking hilarious.
then we grocery shopped. 
which took us FOREVER.
then we bought our food.
(i dropped a good 87 dollars.)
then we went back and talked to Kenzi.
then we saw Erik! he's the best.
then we went back and put all our food away!!!
we finally have have food!
then we decided we were way hungry.
so we went to Pizza Pie Cafe.
me and Britt. 
on a cute little date.
we ate so much.
and then we had dessert pizza. 
which if you haven't had it,
i suggest you go get some right now.
it's freaking delicious.
we got home and Haley informed me that our classes were full.
so i spent the next the 3 and a half hours trying to find classes.
not exaggerating.
but Kayd knew i was having a bad day,
so she brought her roommate's brother's puppy over!! 
good LAND.
cutest thing ever.
it made my life.
i want a puppy super, super bad.
then all the classes i ended up wanting to get into were full.
so i'm taking stupid classes.
like masterpieces of music. 
good times.

this was a boring post.
so sorry.
gossip girl

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