Tuesday, November 1, 2011


happy halloween.
i thought i would have to spend this evening alone.
thanks to Haley being sick,
she's staying here.
and then we're gunna hang out with Darren.
i like him a lot.
he's suuuper funny.

friday wasn't that exciting.

Saturday was though.
Strauss and Saul came up friday night and stayed over.
they slept in their car of course.
then they made me and Haley go to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.
way freaking fun.
it took a while to get there,
and to get back,
it was way fun.
we ate at this cute little restaurant in the cutest little town ever.
i want to live there.
and i bought a "vamp it up" bracelet at some crazy store.
way way fun.
then we got ready for the howl.
which i had a great time at.
we got there and Saul left his ID at the apartment, so he had to run home.
Strauss and I stood outside the doors forever. lookin fresh.
then we got in and they both got in free.
unfreaking real.
then we went and danced a bit.
then we got free soda.
then we had to chug it.
which sucked.
never chug a Dr. Pepper. it's the worst.
then we went and romped around upstairs.
then went to the concert.
Shut Up And Deal opened, and they were way good!
super crazy.
then Cartel.
oh Cartel.
sooooo good.
i loved that concert.
it was super sketchy at first cuz everyone was trying to get to the front.
me and Kayd got smashed.
sooo gross and sweaty.
then it mellowed out as it went on.
they played my favorite songs.
they played Honestly last.
some guy sang to me.
so i sang back.
it was way funny.
we were both getting super into it.
then we peaced out way fast.
i didn't want to talk to him.
so then we went to the dance.
and it was suuuuper sketchy,
everyone was rumping hardcore.
so us 4 just partied.
in our little circle.
while everyone around us got it on.
it's fine.
then we went to Village Inn.
oh man.
everyone was super hyper and super funny.
i was laughing way hard the whole time.
everyone ate my fries.
i don't know what it is,
but if i say people can have one,
they take like 3000.
i'm like ok.
i'm BUYING these.

sunday was good.
we slept in.
then we debbed around.
i did my visiting teaching.
then i made dinner for Darren and his roommate John Tucker.
and Brie, Bre and myself.
it was really good.
my mom has some awesome recipes.
then we just hung out.

slept in.
got ready.
went to SI with Darren.
(he's the best)
then got ready again.
went trick or treating with Britt and Jaron and Haley.
it was Jaron's last hurrah.
then we went to dinner at the Tavern
(the Cuddly Duckling)
then we went to Walmart and got stuff for carmel apples.
then we went to Darren's to get a scary movie.
he didn't have any.
so we came back and ate the apples.
it was way funny.
and it got everywhere.
everyone looked like a caveman.
then we talked for a bit.
then we watched X-Men First Class.
then we said bye to Jaron.
whomp whooomp.
it was so sad.
i'm gunna miss that kid so much.
he's gunna be a fantastic missionary.
we'll see him in 2 years!

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