Wednesday, November 2, 2011

See you in 2

yes, this is going to be another blog post about missionaries.
yes. i love them.
especially this one:

isn't he just adorable?

Elder Jaron Fowers was introduced to the roommates one of the first weeks up here.
Jaron and Britt have been dating for 2 years.
2 years.
their love for each other is one of the most tender things in the whole world.
you just gotta see it to know.
i love watching them together.
if they aren't soul mates i'll be upset.
...moving on.
Jaron was called to serve in the Fort Worth, Texas mission.
reporting to the Provo MTC November 2nd. 
(yes, today)

if this kid doesn't love the Lord, i don't know who does.
i can't count the number of times the church was brought up in random conversations.
i can't count the number of times he said how excited he was to serve.
i can't count the number of times i thought of how good of a missionary he was going to be.
his love for the church touched me every time.
little does he know that the fact he's going was a testimony builder to everyone around him.
at least for me,
it changed my whole point of view on the church.
it made me want to go and be worthy to marry someone like him.
it made me not want to marry any less than an RM.
and it made me realize how big of a thing the church is.

with respect to the fact that i've only known Jaron for a short time,
i'm going to miss him.

So, Jaron, if you ever read this.
you're the best.
i'm so grateful for the influence you've been in my life.
i'm so grateful that i had the chance to get to know you.
thank you for your excellent choice in music.
thank you for your fantastic sense of humor.
thank you for taking the time to get to know me.
and wanting to.
thank you for caring about me.
thank you for being so sweet to Brittany.
thank you for being such a good example.
thank you for being the perfect example of someone i want to marry.
thank you for your testimony.
thank you for letting me pet your kitties.
thank you, thank you, thank you.
i can't wait to get your letters/write you.
i can't wait to hear about all the wonderful stuff you're doing,
and the people you're converting.
Texas is lucky to have such an amazing person.
so, farewell.
God be with you.
good luck
and see you in 2!

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