Sunday, November 13, 2011

it's the freaking weekend

So i haven't posted in a while.
i don't know why.
but anyways.
this week has been a crazy one.
so much stuff has been going on.
if you want to read about it,
read Haley's blog
i'll pick up where she left off.
friday. Haley and i went to the zoo.

if you can call it a zoo.
Tanner calls it a shelter.
way funny.
then i went home and Tanner came over.
we ate some cup o soup and ramen.
then we watched the movie.
which has so awful acting.
super funny though.
then the guitars were brought out.
Tanner wrote this new song.
and it's FANTASTIC.
well..he had started writing it.
then couldn't concentrate on anything till it was finished.
so i put sweats on and he wrote his song.
then he sang it for me.
i wanted to cry it's so cute.
then we decided we were bored and wanted to do something...
before a particular person got home.
so we went to the dollar theatre.
which is actually 3 dollars.
then i bought watermelons.
and we say Abduction.
with Taylor Lautner.
which also has awful acting.
we were laughing through the whole move.
it was a good time.
then it ended and we were going home.
and i let Tanner drive my car.
which i don't really ever do.
then we got back and i made cookies.
while Haley and Mike did karaoke 
while Tanner went and sang his song for someone.
then he came back.
and we decided to watch another movie.
the 3rd movie that night.
we watched Fired Up.
and holy fetch is that movie just as funny as i remember.
everyone was laughing way hard.
then Tanner left.
then i went to bed.

Saturday, me and Haley woke up at like 1:30.
we went downstairs and did nothing.
then we got ready.
for like 3 hours.
then we got little caesars.
and a drink from mcd's. 
then we went back and did who knows what.
then Britt got home from her race in Provo.
i missed her.
then she got ready.
then we went to Tanner's.
i played with the kitty.
then we went and saw his new house.
which was super cute.
then he sang us his song again.
then we were super bored.
so we came back to the apartment.
did more nothing.
went to walmart.
came back.
then did more nothing.
then we took Tanner home.
then Britt and I went to Kayds.
she taught Mission Prep today,
so we helped with the lesson.
it took a long time.
we got home at like 3.

woke up this morning and went to church.
which was really good.
it was all about missionaries.
i love missionaries.
Mitch spoke, and it was way good.
then Kayd's lesson was way good.
i didn't listen in Relief Society.
then we got home.
Haley and i rage cleaned the apartment.
for like 4 hours. literally.
it was a joke.
we live with a bunch of sluts.

oh and turns out Jennifer found her soul mate.
for real.
they went on their first date last night.
and fell in love.
we're gunna have game night with him tonight.
who's excited!!?

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