Thursday, November 3, 2011


inspired by Hilary's blog i decided to do one of my own.
so here it goes.
20 of my quirks
Quirk: a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality;mannerism: He is full of strange quirks.

1. i'm adopted. exciting! i forget most of the time. and so does my family. but it's part of me. and it's definitely different.

2. i read the same books over and over again.
embarrassing, but true. i've read Harry Potter 5, 6, and 7 at least 15 times each. not joking. i've also read Eclipse like....40 times. and that's not an over exaggeration. it's super embarrassing. but once i like it i have a hard time reading anything else.

3. i don't like when people touch my stuff. it might just be because i'm the baby. or because i'm spoiled. but, needless to say it's true. i HATE when people touch my camera. or my computer. or my clothes. or my shoes. mostly because they don't treat it like i would. i'm very careful with my stuff. it's nice. and i'd like to keep it that way. i loath when people where my stuff and don't put it back in it's place. but, when asked, i'm usually pretty nice about it.

4. i'm crazy OCD. crazy is probably an over statement. but, i am OCD. i get made fun of a bit. but whatever. my shoes are all in a certain order. so are my shirts and my perfume. i like things one way and one way only. and i've always grown up with the house spotless--which contributes majorly. i also have grown up thinking everyone was taught to load the dish washer the same. i was dead wrong.

5. i'm pretty blunt.
one day we were sitting in church, and i was sitting next to Jaron (the missionary) and this crazy lady got up and was like "so i'm super blunt. and sometimes i offend people. so if i offend you, i'm sorry." Jaron leans over and goes "Jenna! that's you!" i don't even know i'm doing it half the time. i just feel like if i wanna say something, i should. i'd regret not saying it more than i would regret saying it. last night i was talking to Tanner and we were talking about reading people. i asked him whether i was easy to read or not. he said he's never had to try and read me. if i'm thinking of something--i'll say it. that's good right?

6. i can pop pretty much every joint on my body.
it drives my mom crazy. but half the time i don't even know i'm doing it. but hey! it's soothing?

7. cooking/baking soothes me.
yes, my husband will love me one day for it. but whenever i'm sad or stressed i'll do something in the kitchen. i think this is a recent development. i don't know what it is about it that's so soothing to me. but it totally is. plus i usually enjoy the results.

8. i love cats. a lot.
this is not a joke. i'm pretty sure everyone up here knows me as a cat lady. it's sort of a joke. yesterday we drove to Tanner's just to see his cutest kitten in the whole world. they just got it. oh it melted my heart! i also got to be friends with Jaron's cats. i'm a cat whisperer. it's fine. cat's love me. and i love them. so much.

9. i'm obsessed with perfume.
i rarely leave the house without putting perfume one. there's something about smelling good. it's reassuring? and i have to do it in a certain way or it's not right. (ocd) 2 sprays on my chest and 1 on my wrist.

10. i have to put lotion on before i go to bed.
it just feels wrong to not do it. plus it gives me soft hands!

11. i play with my hair a lot.
my mom always mentions it. i never notice i'm doing it. it's just a nervous habit. i notice it when i'm stressed. cuz then my hair gets nice and greasy! siiick.

12. i LOATHE speaking in front of people.
i get hard core butterflies. and my hands sweat and i get super out of breath. super annoying right? even if i'm like asking a question in class i get super nervous. it's the worst.

13. i dance in my sleep.
that's not even a joke. i've always been told i move around a lot. my covers are always all over. but, this summer i spent a week in New York with my dance company. i shared the room with 2 girls and a mom. the mom woke up in the night to go to the bathroom and she looked over, i'm dead asleep, kicking my leg in the air. she told me she just watched me do it forever thinking i was gunna get up. then she realized i wasn't. i was just gunna kick my leg. super weird.

14. i'm not a morning person.
oh man. that's such an understatement...but. it's the worst. i have this talent of being able to turn off my alarm in the morning without waking up. half the time i don't know i'm doing it until i wake up having slept through all my classes. nice right? i'm usually nice. but in the morning i'm in a super bad mood--until i wake up. then i'm fine. but it's that like hour...before i wake up that i'm mad.

15. i still sleep with my blankie, pillow pet and a fan
true statement. i love having my stupid pillow pet and my Mr. Boo. i can't sleep without them. well i can but it's hard. i can't, however, sleep without a fan. i need some sort of background noise. and i LOVE to be cold when i sleep. i have to sleep under a blanket, sheets, down comforter and a quilt. i sleep in a ball on my side all wrapped up in my "cocoon."

16. i have an awkward dance.
whenever i leave a room and come back and everyone looks at me i have this automatic response of doing this stupid dance. i just tap my toes. it's so stupid. i do it whenever everyone stops and looks at me.  everyone laughs though. so i guess that's good?

17. i bruise easily. 
it's a joke how easily i bruise. really though. i've had to get my blood checked a few times just to see if it was something serious. which, it's not. but, needless to say it's annoying. especially when i used to dance all the time. i would get the worst bruises ever. and there was nothing i could do about it. good times.

18. i get the ragies.
alright, so this might not be a quirk. but, it happens. i get in these moods sometimes where i can't sit still and i rage everyone. and it's not like a normal hyper. it's like a crazy, giggly, butt slapping, dancing, singing at the top of my lungs, squeezing people-hyper. it's the worst.

19. i have really short legs. seriously.
it's unreal how short they are. especially for my height/weight ratio. it's pretty unreal. they're super short. especially next to Haley who has daddy long legs-legs. pure joke.

20. i'm super flexible.
not just like my legs and stuff. like i have crazy flexible hands. i can spread my middle finger and my index finger extremely far apart. i was definitely not the most flexible person in dance, but considering i only took it for a few years i'd say i did pretty well.

so that's it. that's the end of my ramblings for the day. i'm weird and i'm not quite sure if all of those are quirks? but who cares. i don't.
so, see ya.

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