Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boys Boys Boys

so, the last couple weeks me and Haley have had some life chats.
Mostly based on people not wanting to go on missions, or spending their time getting ready to go.
it has hit me how important missions are and how defining they can be.
i've never really thought much about how hard it must be for them to go.
or how important it is for ME to marry an RM.
i've come to a few conclusions:

Missions are important.
Simple...but true.
yeah, its a commandment from a prophet.
and yeah, you're super required to go.
but, all boys should want to.
i feel like the benefits outweigh the costs. 
there is nothing you have at home that is worth staying for.
and going isn't even about you.
it's about being selfless and serving the Lord. 

I respect anyone that goes.
i cannot explain the respect i've gained for people who go.
one of my roommates has a boyfriend who
got his endowments early so he could be in the temple for his sister's wedding.
AND has been dating my roommate for 2 years, and is still going.
unfreaking real.
this kid is a serious inspiration.
i can't even explain the amount of respect i have for him.
he's so willing and excited to go.
his farewell is next sunday and i'm way sad.
he's going to be such a fantastic missionary.

Boys get cuter the more righteous they are.
so...semi off topic. but not really.
i absolutely LOVE hanging out with boys that are excited to go.
it makes the biggest difference in the way i act around them.
they make me want to be a better person, 
and they make me want to be worthy to hang out with them.
oh they're so freaking CUTE!
today we went and listened to Tanner speak in his ward.
it was so adorable.
he gave a really awesome talk.
and to top it off, he cried! 
it was so cute!! 
he talked about how he recognized how preparing to go on a mission was blessing his life.
the fact that he knows it wasn't just chance that he got his current job,
but that it was the Lord's hand made me realize how much i want to marry someone like that.

I love hanging out with RM's.
oh man. 
hanging out with them is so freaking fun.
i think one of the things i like about it is how respectful they are.
i really feel like they have so much respect for everyone.
and not only do they have respect, but they have this genuine love for everyone.
it's crazy to think that they learned that in 2 short years. 
the best is hearing their stories.
i can't get enough of the mission stories!
and you learn so much about them from their stories.
last weekend me and DJ talked about his mission to Ukraine for a long time.
we talked about all the gross stuff he ate.
and he told me this story where on his Pday his companion prayed for someone to meet and talk to between the store and their apartment, which was right across the street. DJ said he didn't really want to talk to anyone and that he just wanted to enjoy his Pday. 
then as they opened the door they stopped and talked to someone and he was baptized later.

and that's the end for right now.
in conclusion, i love missionaries and premies. 
i'm so thankful to have them in my life.
especially Tanner, Jaron, and all the boys at D2. 
i'm so blessed to have such good examples surrounding me!
and all you stupid boys who don't want to go on a mission...

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