Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daddy's Girl

i'm a daddy's girl.
hence the title of this post.
it's true though.
i have been, and always will be.
when i was little i used to yell at my mom and tell her i hated her 
and that i only wanted dad.
things have definitely changed since then.
but...one thing hasn't.
i'm the favorite.
everyone knows it.
i'm the baby.
i'm a girl.
and i was adopted.

my dad's mom died of cancer before i was born.
i've always been told that i was my dad's gift from her.
me and my dad have always been close.
he's always spoiled me.
and not just with stuff.
with so much love.
i think i can count on one hand the number of times he's gotten mad at me.
he's always taken me places with him.
he's always taken my side. 
well...most of the time.
he's always been so understanding.

not a very great picture...
but this man has to be one the most selfless people i've ever known.
he rarely does something for himself.
he works non stop, just to give us a good life.
but, one of the greatest things about my dad is his love for humanitarian work.
he has been to south america 1 or 2 times.
and africa at least 4.
he is so willing to give.
he plans his whole year around Africa.
it's so important to him.
one time i asked him why it was so important.
he told me that God gave him the gift and ability to do dentistry,
so why should he not share his talents with people who truly need it.
isn't that so cool?
he is the best.
i miss him so much.

over the summer there was a few weekends where we just hung out.
we would go to dinner and a movie or just to run errands.
it was so fun.
i cherished every moment. 

he's gone a lot, because he commutes to Nevada once a week and is there for a couple days.
i don't see him that much.
so it was fun to have that time with him.

i'm so lucky to have such amazing parents.

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