Monday, October 10, 2011

New Week=New Me.

Since moving up to college i have lost weight.
weird huh?
but...this can only last so long.
especially since, as Mallory pointed out, i ate out a grand total of 18 times in the last like 9 days.
that's just embarrassing.
and getting out of hand.
Starting today i will:
stop eating out. (unless it's a special occasion)
start making meals.
stop snacking on crap.
drink more water.
eat more fruits and vegetables (when they're not too expensive)

see!! look at me.
eating my celery and peanut butter (Haley hasn't killed me...yet.)
i had some yummy pasta with read sauce and mozzarella
some home made bread with home made jam 
and a diet coke.
the water thing is gunna be hard.


  1. Haha way to go Jenna! Good luck with the healthy eating stuff. Snacking kills me.