Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I woke up to a HeyTell this morning from my nephew saying:
"Hi Jenna, i miss you, byebye"
there is nothing i love more than to wake up to my niece or nephew.
even if it's just a HeyTell.
so, i'm dedicating this whole post to my favorite little boy.

This little guy was born on May 27th, 2008.
i feel in love with him the first second i saw him.

i called him Keebs.
cuz his ears were so big and he looked like a little Keebler elf.

These are his 1 year old pictures.
oh he's the cutest!
he loved me.
he called me Nenna.
it was a sad day when he could say his J's.

oh i love this boy so much.
it has been so fun watching him grow up.
i think the funnest thing has been to watch him learn.
he is so smart.
it amazes me.
the things he says sometimes just catch me off guard.

he's so silly. and such a joy in my life.
i'm so thankful for him.
i love telling all of my friends about all the funny things he says.
like when he would say "BUUUTTTBAALLL"
instead of football.
or when he would go TOUCHDOWN!
or when we were driving in the car and he looks at me and said 
"Jenna, what's your favorite animal?"
i said "a cat, what's your favorite animal?"
"um...i don't know. MOM! WHAT'S MY FAVORITE ANIMAL?"
Julie said "it's a zebra, Crew."
he turns and looks at me "It's a zebra Jenna."
or that day i was teasing him and he hit me and looks at his mom and says 
"mom, i'm angry today."
or the time i was babysitting and Jada and Loni and i took them to Chic-Fil-A and the park,
as i was driving away to go to dance he opens the door that goes out to the garage
and as i'm getting in my car he yells
"Jenna!! i love you! drive safe!"
then he shuts the door.
he opens it again and yells
"Jenna! i love you! thank you for taking me to the Cow Store and the park!"
there's never a dull moment with him.
he's hyper.
he's so funny.
he's the sweetest.
he loves me.
and i love him.
i'm so excited to see him grow up.
i hope i can be there whenever he needs me.
i want to be the fun aunt that takes him to the zoo.
i want to be the aunt he wants to hang out with.
i'm so grateful for him in my life.
he's has the best parents too.
he's gunna grow up to be the biggest lady killer.
he's gunna be the most popular kid in school,
the kid that everyone loves,
the one kid with the most contagious personality.

So, Crewzer.
i love you.
i'm so glad you came to our family.
we are so blessed to have you.
you are the sweetest little boy in the whole world.
i love you so very very much.
you're my little snuggles.
i miss you!

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  1. Oh... my baby! He is so cute! That was the cutest post. thanks :) today he was turning on his foot today in the garage and he said "this is what jenna does..."