Sunday, October 9, 2011

Longest Post EVER.

I just imported my pictures from the last week...
so this will be a summary.
first off is the USU vs. BYU game.
Me and Haley's boyfriend, Mike, went on a date.
well...sort of. 
Haley was babysitting, so it was just me and him.
way way fun.
i seriously had the best time!
the drive down took FOREVER.
the traffic was awful from Logan to Salt lake, then it was awful from the point of the mountain on.
we finally got there.
then we were both starving and blind with hunger, 
so we stopped at the first thing we saw.
i got a polish dog and a DC,
Mike got a hot dog, chips, a pulled pork sandwich and milk duds.
nice. we walked around the WHOLE stadium looking for our seats. 
we finally found them and sat behind a nice big man.
i had no leg room.
we had a lovely time making fun of pretty much everything.
like the "Smile Cam" and the SONIC 3RD DOWN!!!
cuz everyone gets way thirsty at the 3rd down.
Mike got some way good blue powerade
and then got hit on by the girl next to us.
the team lost in the last 30 seconds.
BYU had some awesome passes.
so it was ok.
we left and started driving home.
we took Kaydee and her friend to their apartment
then an hour and a half later, we got on the freeway.
then we were hungry again, so we went to Denny's.
way funny.
Mike farted in front of me. so now we're bros.
it was such a fun night!
Saturday i woke up and went and visited Julie.
she was babysitting these 4 girls who love me.
and i love them.
we played for a bit then went on a golf cart ride!
in their BYU golf cart...while i was wearing my Utah shirt.

i love my family.
it was so good to see them!
after i hung out with them me and my dad went to the Utah game.
rough times.
we left early and i hung out with Loni.
we went to Chili's and got 2 appetizers.
which took like 4 years.
we got their at like 8:30 and left at 10:15.
stupid waitress.
she didn't get tipped very well.
then we went to Target.
i miss Target.
it's so much better than walmart!
then we put my groceries away and went to her house.
we got in the hot tub for like 5 minutes.
then we watched the extras on the Bridesmaids dvd.
so hilarious.
then i went home.
then it was conference. good times.
my mom made me a homemade cake!

it was nice to come back to Logan though.
except the stuff we brought literally doubled. it took us like 3 trips back and forth to get everything.
Monday i took Haley on a date to Olive Garden.
i had a gift card and i was so hungry.
so we went on a date.
it was so yummy! 
and we had the most fantastic waiter.
so flaming...but so fantastic.
plus Haley tried Chicken Parm...2 foods touching...
and she LIKED IT!!!! 
Monday was also Britt's birthday.
i tried to make her a Barbie cake...but it failed epically.
so we bought her a lady bug cake.

it was the cutest. a bunch of people came for her party.
then everyone left.
so me and Haley and Mike and Kyle went to McDonalds.
then we came back to L4 and played N64.
i wrecked at Smashbros.
then we played Mario Party.
Kyle won...and Mike was in a bad mood.
then Kyle played the keyboard for us and i almost wet my pants.
i wish we would have recorded it.
it was the funniest thing he's ever done.
Tuesday was a whomp whomp day i think.
i got my eyelashes done again.
then we went to Costa Vida.
then Haley slept while Mike and I played Smashbros again. at 100 lives.
way way funny.
i don't even remember who won.
then we had tacos.
then i hung out with Brie and we went all over the place.
i met her grandma. she's a sweetie.
D2 invited us to watched Tangled with them.
but it was a bunch of couples.
so we tapped out.
i don't even remember what we did after.
Then Austin came over and we got a frosty.
then we watched Modern Family.
then me and Haley went to McDonalds...only cuz Wendy's isn't open after Midnight.
Wednesday we went to Chili's for Britt and Jaron's birthdays.
Me, Britt, Jaron,Kaydee,Brie,Tanner,Haley
Way funny night. jeez louise it was so funny.

Tanner crawling under the table

then we went to D2 and watched Easy A.
Johny got offended.
then Steven came home and we talked.
everyone left and i stayed and talked to him and Johny and Ryan.
the Brie came and talked to us too.
we all cuddled.
it was nice.
we helped Steven with his woman issues.

Thursday was a winner day.
went to Bio. then i went to Haley's class...
then she went to mine.
then Haley went with Mike to do something.
i showered.
then Kayd came over.
then we went to Mike, Kyle and Quinn's flag football game.

Well. we had a hard time looking cute.
especially since it was FRIGID.
Their team lost.
the other team was a bunch of tools.
then came home and were gunna go to SI.
whomp whomp.
i helped Steven take the trash out.
so did Kayd and Haley.
Britt and Brie were having a "chat".
we went over to D2 and hung out for a bit.
then we went and got hot chocolate at the Sev.
it was way good.
we also got Wendy's....cuz we were hungry.
but then we were full of chocolate when we got back...
so Steven ate the rest of my food.
Then Brie left to go home...and we talked for a bit.
she was sad.
then she left and i went back to D2.
me and Kayd talked to them while they got ready for their romance night.
Steve was having a girl over for her birthday and they were setting Ryan up with their friend.
(it didn't turn out as well as they would have hoped)
While they were romancing i was gunna write my paper.
then Britt and Jaron and Tanner were going to Jaron's to watch 17 Miracles. 
couldn't pass that up.
Jaron's house was way way way nice.
plus he has KITTIES!!!!!
we went to the barn and i held them.
it was the best!!!
except that Tanner was doing stupid cougar noises.
we watched the movie and we all sobbed through the whole thing.
except for Jaron.
he doesn't cry.
that movie is the best.
good times.
Friday after class i hung out with Kayd cuz Haley was with Mike.
Strauss, DJ and Saul all came up and hung out.
it was way fun.
we partied at the house.
then we went to Walmart.
then made food.
me and DJ had a nice chat about missions.
he's the greatest.
Strauss and Saul went to the store to get heavy cream...
and they came home with a Bieber cake,
which they proceeded to smash DJ's face in.

i made some way good enchiladas. 
then we tried to find something to do.
Kayd came over and me and Mike went with her to pick up Dustin.
it was way far away.
turns out it was an institute party.
had no idea.
Kayd and Dustin romanced and me and Mike talked to Steven.
we went to find Kayd and found everyone trying to slackline.
so stupid.
everyone had fun i guess.
then we decided to leave.
we crammed 8 people in a 5 seater car.
tiny little Kayd was driving.
Dustin and Mitch were in the front seat.
Steven, Me, Seth and Mike were in the back with Johny laying on top of us.
all the sudden i feel this vibration on my leg.
turns out Johny farted.
on me.
it smelled SO bad.
and no one would roll down the window.
then he farted on me like 3 more times.
it was so funny.
we were going to join Haley and Britt and Strauss and them on a scavenger hunt,
but Haley said they were out of ideas.
so they were going home.
so we went back and unloaded.
then Strauss, Dj and Saul showed up like 10 minutes after we did.
looking like this.

pretty scary.
then Britt, Jaron, Haley and Tanner showed up.
we all talked for a bit.
then Steven and I went to take a picture of those 3 on the bull.

i have no idea what was happening.

and that's Mike for ya.
we walked back and everyone was watching Newsies.
so we watched it with them.
Steven fell asleep on me, cuz i'm way nice and gave him a head massage.
it ended up being Britt and Jaron, Haley and Mike, Me, Steven and Tanner.
the movie turned off, and the lights too.
so we were all sitting in the dark.
as the lights turn off i say
"this feels right."
and everyone got WAY awkward.
so funny.
we all talked for a long time.
Steve went home and Britt took Jaron home.
so me and Tanner were talking and he was doing his funny voices for me.
i was crying it was so funny!!
oh man.
i love him.
he's the greatest.
he can do the funniest noises.
he left.
then Me, Mike and Haley went to Subway.
at 2.
it's fine.
i looked SO FAT.
i had sweats on, fuzzy socks that gave me cankles, a hoodie, then my Foxy Lady sweatshirt on.
Mike told me i looked like a Titan.
it was so funny.
we were all so delusional.
me and Mike are such bros.
he went home.
then we went to sleep.
woke up at 1.
then we went to Chic-Fil-A.
for breakfast.
we came home, Haley showered and i did my homework!
then we got ready and walked over to the game with Lynds.
some creeper guy talked to us.
he hit on Lyndsey.
and me.
and made Haley take a picture of us with him.
he had a huge boner.
and he kept messing with it.
SO GROSS. i was shaking.
Mike and Kyle show up and Haley is talking to Mike and Lyndsey pulls Kyle over and is like
"this is my boyfriend Kyle."
i'm sitting there with this creeper guy right next to me with his boner everywhere...
and i don't even have a fake boyfriend.
i was shaking harder. 
then creeper guy got up and left.

we watched the game.
Lynds went and stood by Sarah and Kayd came and stood by us.
i had a huge headache, so 3rd quarter we went and stood at the end by Lynds.
we were winning by like 40.
so it was a pretty boring game.
Steven stood by us for the last little bit.
then we went to Village Inn.
it was a big group.
Me, Haley, Kayd, Lynds, Steve, Mike, Sarah James, Angie, Rachel and Mitch.
so funny.
Mike had his Thuggie on.
we're bros.
we went back and Haley made quesadillas for everyone.
we played Smashbros again and i won a few times.
then we watched The Last Holiday.
not the impressed with that movie.
then me and Steven took everyone home.
then i went to sleep.
good week.
i'm happy i didn't go to Africa. 
is that awful?


  1. What did I get out of that post? You guys like food. Especially food that you don't have to make. How big of a loser am I? Pretty big. I counted the number of times you mentioned food. 18 total. 4 times you made food. 14 times you ate out. Where you get that money, I will never know.

    I'm proud of Haley for eating chicken Parmesan! That's a pretty big deal!

  2. best blog post ever. goodness gracious. in a year when we look back on this i'll pee myself. no doubt.

    like a boss.

  3. sounds like u r having fun! You guys are so crazy!