Tuesday, October 18, 2011

whomp whomp.

i feel this overwhelming desire to blog.
but i have nothing really to blog about.
i'll ramble.
i just took a test in biology and i don't think i did very well.
i felt like i completely understood the homework...
but not the test.
i hope i passed.

i got an email from my dad today.
he's in Africa and i was scared something had happened to him.
but, all is well.
i miss him.
but, i'm way excited for my mom and sister and niece and nephew to come up.
i am so freaking excited.
i tell everyone about it.

boys are stupid. i've been hanging out with a boy lately.
he's sending some seriously mixed signals.
which really suck.
i'd like to know whether he likes me or not.
but...i don't know if i ever will.
so if any boy is reading this i have some advice.
stop leading girls on.
if you like them, like them.
if you don't, then make that clear.
it really makes girls feel like crap to me messed with.
i'll fight everyone.

but...there is one boy, in particular who is my favorite.
so, this is a shout out to my friend Steven.
i absolutely ADORE this boy.
i don't know what it is about him, but i want to be around him all the time.
he probably thinks i'm a big weirdy,
but i don't really care.
he's the sweetest. 
me and the roommates always talk about him and how cute he is.
i'm glad he's staying all year. 

that's the end for now.
i have to go to the stupid writing lab. i hope it does't take that long.
i'm not in the mood today.
i'm getting sick and i have a migraine. 
but, on the upside i have nothing to do today.
AND i was a big deb and wore sweats to school.
best idea i've ever had.

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