Tuesday, October 25, 2011

rant of the day

i've been feeling super off this week.
i don't know what it is.
but i hate it.
maybe it's the after shock of PMS.
but maybe it's different.
i feel like i'm missing something and i don't know what it is.
i can't figure it out.
plus i've been having boy troubles.
but not really.
i think i'm just being too sensitive.
i need to stop being like that.
is it bad to say i need to focus more on myself?
is that too self centered?
i feel like i've been super self centered lately.
i need to stop that too.

things i need to stop doing:
  1. being self centered.
  2. missing class.
  3. taking things personally.
  4. reacting to things i take personally.
  5. reading too into things.
  6. being inappropriate.
  7. eating out.
  8. not doing my homework.
  9. being down on myself.
  10. leaving my dishes out. 
  11. going to bed way late.
  12. tweeting all of my feelings. 
  13. leaving my bed unmade.
  14. talking about myself so much.
  15. being a bad friend.
things i need to start doing:

1. praying
2.  reading my scriptures.
3. doing my homework.
4. focusing on school.
5.  working out.
6. budgeting.
7. calling my parents more.
8. being happy.
9. eating better.
10. setting goals.
11. taking more "me" time.
12. taking more pictures.
13. writing poetry again.
14.  petting more kitties.
15. blogging more.

who knew life was so difficult.
i sure never expected it to be so hard.
if anyone could give me tips on life...
please do.
i need it.
and also,
is it too much to ask for a freaking guy to stop leading me on?
really though.
if you're a guy, and you're reading this:
i think you're an idiot.

i say YES to all of that.