Friday, September 9, 2011

1 day challenge.

10 Random Facts About Me
1. I'm Jenna, i am not an addict. unless it comes to caffeine.
of some sort.
i prefer Diet Coke with lime, but Dr. Pepper works too.
i drink it religiously...really though.
happy hour at the quick stop at the TSC is where it's at!

2. I am slightly obsessed with cats. people think i'm joking.
i'm definitely not. i love them hairless.
so all you cat haters out there: FTT YOU.
i am a cat lover, and i love to run.
(not really about the running)

3. i'm a spoiled brat. i accept this fact about myself. 
i'm slightly self centered and a lot high maintenance. 
i do love to help people though.
i just like to have nice things. it's what i've grown up with.
so who wouldn't expect that?

4. I am secretly obsessed with Call Of Duty.
or maybe just the boy i play it with. what?
but really. i pwn at it.
i've beaten 2 boys at it...which is impressive!

5. i love food. i do. it's an obsession. i think about it.
a lot.
i love to go out to eat, pretty much anywhere...
i LOVE Chili's though. their chips and salsa? WOOF.

6. I love to dance. if you're around me, you'll probably see me do a move or two.
i like to think i'm awesome at it, but in reality i'm not that good.
i dance pretty much everywhere i go. the kitchen, the store, the living room...
it's a habit that i don't want to break.

7. i am a clean freak.
who would have EVER guess that one? not me.
i love having everything clean. probably because that's what feels like home to me.
my house was like a museum of cleanliness, so that's all i know.

8. i'm really shy. most people think i'm just a brat. i'm not!
i'm really nice when you get to know me, but i just don't have that personality.
i'm not loud and jokey and laughy. i can be, but not enough for people to know.
it freaks me out to be the center of attention.
every now and then i like it, but not usually.
that's left for my loud friends.

9. I love to give people massages.
really i just like to touch people and make them happy.
that sounds so scandalous, but i don't mean it like that.
or do i?

10. i am a deb.
it's true. i am a full blown cavedweller
i like to be inside watching movies and playing nintendo.
yeah, it's fine.
i like the outdoors, but they just don't do it for me.
i'm content just debbin around the house.
unless i get the ragies, then i become a caged animal
watch out.

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