Monday, September 19, 2011

Peace and Blessings.

I am about to venture on a list of things i'm thankful for.
we'll see what i come up with.
these are all completely out of order.
but this is how i thought of them...
so whatever.

first off.
My kitty, MiMi.

if he's not cute, i don't know what is.
cutest animal.
he misses me when i'm gone and let's me hold him when i get back!

next has to be my family.

yeah, they're the greatest!
ok, so i didn't mean for my cat to be in front of them.
but i didn't want to change it.
but my family is the greatest. i'm SO thankful for everything they do.
they are the best examples i have and i know i can turn to them when i need them.
plus i just really like to hang out with them!

the next is dance.

i love dance. so much.
it kept me sane and healthy.
i owe my sanity to TDC. for sure.
plus it helped me branch out and meet other people.

my bed.

ok, so this isn't me, or my bed.
but it's the only thing i could find even close to it! 
but i love my bed. and the fact that it's so comfortable.
i'm lucky to have one!

My best friend Loni.

oh man.
this girl is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.
i can't even think of the time where we became best friends.
it happened fast.
i love everything about her.
i love her family, and her dogs.
and the fact that i can be myself around her.
love you Loni!

my best friend Haley.

i love this girl more than anything!
she's the best person ever.
this girl...there's too much to say in a few lines.
but i love her.
to death.
woof. we have so much fun when we're together.
we get along really well, most of the time:)
but at the end of the day i love her more than i can say.
i'm SO lucky to have her as a roommate. 
which leads me to...

my room mates!

so minus Lyndsey...
that's them.
Me, Haley, Brie, Bre, Britt and Jenn
i LOVE these girls. 
i couldn't have asked for better roommates.

Mike and Kyle.
yes, i do love these boys.

these 2 boys...
man, they are the best.
they have been awesome friends so far.
especially since they'll let me play COD and box me!
they're the Coolest.

the boys of D2!

way nice picture i stole off of facebook.
but i feel so thankful to have these boys in my life.
they are some of the sweetest, most down to earth people i've ever met.
i can't wait to get to know them better!

well this is embarrassing,
but i'm thankful for Chili's.

not so much the food.
well ok, so the DC and the chips and salsa.
but the memories we had there are priceless.
love me so Chili's!
i think me and Loni went at least twice a week in the summer.

School should be on this list.

and this is the only picture i could find of anything Aggie.
so far i love school and i'm so thankful to be able to get such a wonderful education.
i am one lucky person.

so this is a short this.
and pretty general.
but i love my life and i'm happy to be on this earth and be surrounded by such wonderful people.


  1. foot.. game.. whatever. Aww snuggs! that was cute. I'm probably going to steal this idea in the near future when I'm bored and have nothing to blog about. :)

  2. Eh hem... :) JK. You're the cutest Jenna. I'm glad you put pictures on your blog. And that you're so good at them. :)