Friday, September 16, 2011

Wedding Obsessed.

The title says it all. i love weddings...i don't stalk wedding blogs, but i do sometimes stalk wedding photographers. it's fine. wedding pictures are just beautiful...and so are weddings. one of my best friend's sister is getting married a weekend in November and i am so excited about it!! i can't even explain how excited i am.

this is her:

she's the greatest! and i love her soon-to-be husband. he's also the best. they are one of my favorite couples in the whole world! really though.
the greatest!
i'm going all wedding crazy because tomorrow is my cousin's wedding. his soon-to-be wife isn't LDS, so they're not getting married in the temple...but the city county building, which i'm really excited for! because i haven't really been to a wedding where it's like a ceremony...well..that i can go to at least and i'm so freaking excited! i think weddings like that are beautiful, which i'm sure they're just as beautiful in the temple...but me not being endowed...i can't really see one.
but i was just told by Allison's (the girl in the picture) sister that she's walking down the isle to a Mumford and Sons song. "Sigh No More". way majestic. look it up if you don't know it. it so fits her and i about teared up when i listened to it. uh! i'm so excited. i love weddings...and wedding cake...and..everything about it. My brother and sister in law got married on the 19th of august. it was such a beautiful wedding. unreal! we were all kinda worried, but it really came together and turned out SO pretty. loved it. with all my heart.

aren't they the cutest?! aw...snuggles
Congrats guys!

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