Sunday, September 11, 2011

Winning Team, Ragies, Pitas, Ripped Pants, COD, and 5am Chats.

First home game!
Yesterday was one of the best days!
Haley and I woke up about 11:30, ate, cleaned, then did the Just Sweat on the Wii.
Showered, got ready, went to the grocery store, then ate some pizza with D2. 
Then we went to the game.
the first Aggie game i've ever been to! i was really excited, because i LOVE football. i really do.
i don't know what it is about the games, but i love going to football games. it is the best.
plus, the USU student section is known for being awful. which is way funny!

minus Jen and Bre

The first half we sat  like 18th row with the roomies, and a bunch of random people...
And one of the kids from D2 (Ryan) was on the Kiss Cam and kissed this girl he didn't even know!!
then second half we went and sat by Lyndsey, Mike, Kyle and Quin. 
Unreal how fun it was!
we were all jammin and dancing and i felt like i really understood football! crazy right?
Haley was WAY hyper and it was unreal. i didn't even know what to do with that. 
Mike was being so funny too!! i was like crying at how funny he was being.
he was showing us his dance moves and it was a good time. 
while the kid in front of us was singing songs from Aladdin. 
pretty sure he was gay. it's fine.

so tiny?
Aggies ended up owning Weber!
we really won by a lot. which was awesome!
after the game we went to Pita Pit and hung out for a while.
then we went back to our apartment and watched my dance concert! 
unreal how much i miss dance. 
i thought i was fine to live without it, but turns out, i'm not.
NYC 2011
So here's a shout out to my girls at TDC. i love you and i miss you! 

So, anyways. after watching my concert, we went and met Bre's family and their horse!! named Jedi.
he was a sweetie. 
then Lyndsey and her friends came over and it was just chaos. unreal how crazy it was!
and a bunch of random people just kept showing up. 
good times.
i made some shapes mac and cheese.
then we went to Mike and Kyle's apartment because i wanted to play COD. 
We show up and there's a bunch of skanks running around. not a good time.
so we're chillin in the living room area and Haley is sitting "like a prostitute" on a chair,
Mike walks in and is like freaking out saying she looks like a prostitute. 
he tries to do the position while standing and RIPS HIS PANTS.
a giant whole right in the crotch running down his leg. holy crap it was so funny!
Haley falls of the chair laughing.
Mike's face goes from shocked, to so sad, to i'm-gunna-cry, to what?, to that was so funny! in seconds.
i think we laughed for like 20 minutes about it.
Then we played COD and Mike won by 1 kill. which is fine. i didn't even expect to win. 
then Haley and I proceeded to play the funniest game.
we try and see how many times we can flash each other without Mike seeing. 
oh my word it was so funny. 
we were both dying laughing. and i'm surprised he didn't notice. 
he probably saw. but whatever. it was funny.
Lyndsey sang to us and played the guitar and it was freaking MAJESTIC. 
holy crap was it majestic. i just stared at her and was like in awe. 
sooo goooood!!
Then we tried to watch a movie, but i wanted to go home. 
so we went home.

Then this happened.

Romance. for sure.
When we got home we walked in on Bre Yamouchi on a date. oops.
then the other Bre came downstairs and we talked till like 3. 
then Haley went to bed and Britt got home.
then we literally talked till 5. 
but it was a very stimulating conversation! 
we talked about pretty much everything.
it was nice to get to know the roomies on such a different level.
except that i couldn't even wake up to go to church.
i physically didn't even wake up really till like 12:30.
it's fine. 
Good day. good times.


  1. prince ali!! too soon. you didn't mention the boob elbows though. or that i was a cheerleader.

  2. Go Aggies! So glad you guys are here. We better run in to each other soon!