Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Other Half

this is a dedication to the one person i know better than myself.
well...i'll be honest, i don't know myself very well...but this isn't about me.
this is about someone i love more than anyone.
Haley Goaslind.
 I can't put into words my love for this girl. She is one of the biggest blessings in my life.
the day she moved in my mom told me that there was a girl my age living across the street and i was so nervous. i thought i was the shiz. but, i was not going down a very good path. God stepped in and threw Haley at me. we didn't click at first, but the first day of school, my 8th grade year, her 7th grade year we clicked. i knew this girl was the coolest. she always looked cute and had the cutest hair. she knew how to talk to boys and be their friends.

everyone is drawn in by her fun, loving personality. she knows how to have a good time and make you laugh. she knows how to cheer me up when i'm sad, and help me get my ragies out when i'm mad. She knows me better than probably a lot of people. that's something that just comes with time. we've been friends for the last...7 years. and real best friends. we've had our fights and our times where we didn't like each other, but the fact that we can get through that shows something.

yesterday, we went to Wendy's and had some life chat. we decided that we're changing ourselves for the better. we both have stuff we need to get over, and i don't think we could have done it without each other. we decided that this is why we're roommates. we need each other more than we even knew. 
i can honestly say she's the only person in this world who knows close to EVERYTHING about me. she is my tender mercy

Haley is one of the most beautiful person.
she loves life, and loves herself. 
she's so confident in herself, i always looked up to her for that.
i will admit i always wanted to be her...up until like 2 years ago.
i look up to her in every way.
she's one of those people that things just work out for.
i think it's because she's so wonderful that there's no way it couldn't work out.
she has the most beautiful voice and i swear i could pick it out of 600 people.
i love to listen to her sing and harmonize with every song.
i love to read her face, sounds creepy, but i don't mean it like that.
you can tell everything she's thinking by her eyes
or maybe i can, because i know her emotions so well.
i love the fact that she cares SO much about people.
sometimes it's kind of a joke.
she has this effect on people, that her happiness makes you happy,
same with her rage.
i love that she's a sucker for romance.
i truly love that.
i can't wait to see her and tell her about my day.
(way lesbian. it's fine.)
i love that pretty much everything that she says is just hilarious.
i'll fight anyone that doesn't think she's funny.
she has this way with kids, and they love her.
she's going to be the best mom in the whole world.
i am so grateful for her influence in my life.
i wouldn't be the same person if i didn't know her.
who know's where i would be without her.

so Hay, this is for you.
i love you.
you're such a blessing and i'm so glad i get to live with you.
thank you for putting up with me and all my crap.
i love everything about you.


  1. I'm starting to worry about you two... You MIGHT love each other too much.

  2. Note to self: don't read your blog when I'm sitting in the library and now crying in the library. Yeah. the two girls sitting by me just left... maybe it's cuz the next batch of classes is about to start but still. awkward. I love you. This is the most tender thing. really.
    "I'll fight anyone that doesn't think she's funny" haha I LITC-ML. good times. really though. thank you for this...and for getting my cries out. even if it is in public.