Wednesday, September 21, 2011


yes. today has turned out to be such a lovely day.
i woke up to go to my first class and couldn't even open my eyes my head hurt so bad.
turned my alarm off and woke up in time to get ready for English.
i start changing my clothes only to realize today is the first day of my "time of the month". 
i then get dressed and rush out the door to get to class without any breakfast.
i start walking across the crosswalk and like 100 yards away the bus pulls up.
2 girls full on run past me to catch it.
i felt pressured to get on it.
so i start speed walking and the nice bus driver lets me on.
i check my phone and realize i had a voicemail.
i check it to find out i had a meeting with the bishop yesterday.
i get to class with Haley and realize i had an email.
i check it to find out i failed my test i took yesterday.
literally failed it.
i got a 58% on it.
and i studied and felt so good about it.
that always happens to me i'm like well great! i feel so good about this! 
dead wrong.
but of course Kyle doesn't study and he gets an 86%. 
it's fine.
i guess there's an assignment we can do to makeup some of the points.
so i guess i'll do that.
plus me and Haley went to Chic-Fil-A.
hopefully the day will get better.

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