Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

I'm way excited that it's friday. i don't even know why. it's not like it's not a weekend every day. right? but something about this weekend feels good. and right. weird, huh? but, hopefully it goes well! tonight we're having a Nintendo 64 BATTLE tonight at D2. i'm way freaking stoked. woot!! hopefully i'll pwn at it. well actually i don't even care. it'll be fun though. i'm excited to get to know the boys of D2! they're cuties. 

and tomorrow is the first HOMEGAME!!!! woooooooo!!

Weber is going down.
let's just say that.
I'm way excited to go to the game. i secretly love football...even though i don't really understand it, i still have a wonderful time. yes, wonderful. 
Speaking of wonderful, 
Haley and i got serenaded by Daniel Robinson outside the Quad Side Cafe. SO majestic.
He sang us John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. woof. it was beautiful. but, i realized that i don't really care if my husband plays the guitar or that would be a bonus, but it wouldn't be a deciding factor for me. weird right? who knew. 

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