Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Love.

So i have been craving to do a photo shoot in like 4 months.
and i just haven't found the time...
way way way annoying.
so i'm doing a whole blog post about my photography.
yeah, i'm gunna toot my own whistle and brag. 
it's fine, everyone does it.
 this was one of the first legit pictures i took that actually turned out well.
 i love this one! it's just
 Haley is my muse. it's fine.
 this was supposed to be our "fear" assignment. 
i did it on being afraid of yourself.
good ole Mike.
he loved every minute of this.
 so simple, but i loved this one too!
the coolest tree. ever. not really.
 she's beautiful. it's fine.
 one of my photoshoots i've ever done.
 Jonesy is way good at life.
 love this one
it's kind of dark. but i still love it!

don't feel the pigs.
get it?
 cute Jrda
Crew's 3rd birthday!
love this picture!
 bye forever highschool!
Mi Mi is a sultan
Jada pulls out everything in the drawer!
Crew at the Wedding!
aw...just like Dad.
 Could've turned out better.
The rainstorm. so freaking cool.

so that's it. my life in photos. i love taking pictures so much it's a joke.

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