Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had an overwhelming LOVE for my roommates.

we always talk about how lucky we are to have each other!
i love these girls. 
SO SO much.
they are some of the best people i've ever met in my life.

so besides the fact that she's freaking beautiful,
this is Brittany,
she's seriously one of the coolest girls i've ever met.
she is so sincere and sweet, 
she's always so happy.
i think i have yet to see her mad.
i love being around her.
she's so great!

this is Jennifer!
she's so funny.
i don't know her that well, because she's such a busy bee,
but she is so funny!
i hope to get to know her better!

this is Bre. 
she's such a sweetheart. i love this girl to death.
she's gone a lot, 
but she sure is sweet!
i hope i can get to know her better!

this is the other Brie.
one of the greatest people i've ever known.
holy crap!
she has this genuine love for EVERYONE.
not a joke.
she's so fun to be around.
she's like a little ball of light.
for some reason her and i just click.
we get eachother.
i love her so much.

This is Haley.
she's my roommate.
and i have a lez crush on her.
the end.

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  1. Precious. You guys are so cute! :)

    Jenna, your photography keeps gettin better and better!