Thursday, September 8, 2011

So anyways....

Well,  i'm sitting in the living room after just watching John Tucker Must Die on our new TV!! woot. it's not actually new...but needless to say it's fantastic. anyways. Haley is asleep..shocking. i i'm bored and deciding to post. 
Yesterday i got to drive back to the 801 to get some shots for Africa. i was extremely nervous. i got 4 shots, which was supposed to be 5, and i have to take one in a pill. so, as of right now, both of my arms hurt, and i'm filled with all sorts of weird things. not a good time.
So this is my family. i love them. so so so much. i got to see half of them yesterday, and it was the best. I got shots with dad, and went to dinner with Julie, my mom, Crew, Jada and Andrew (for a bit). it was lovely. it was nice to feel how much everyone loves me and missed me. it has only been about a week and a half, but, it was nice nevertheless. i'm so lucky to have the cutest family who cares so much about me. i got back to my house and my mom had bought me a slip, some celery and cookie dough. isn't she the cutest?! aw. i loved it. and even though Crew wanted nothing to do with me (he was having a bad day) it was ok. it was good to see them! and cute Jada, as soon as i walked in, she pointed to me and goes "HI!". she remembered me! melted my heart! and the fact that Julie drove all the way to salt lake just to see me-and that Andrew left his newly owned Chic-Fil-A--meant a lot too! love them.
As ugly as this picture is, it reminds me of good times. it was also SO nice to hang out with my second family, the Gaisfords. man do i love that family. i feel so at home there. and i feel so loved at their house. as i was driving away i saw Craig (Loni's dad) and he was just the sweetest. i was like crying as i was driving away...just cuz i love them so much. i am so lucky to have another family that loves me too! plus, it was nice to see my BFF. i felt so sad that i left her in salt lake, but i have to grow up and move away sometime! and it was the right time...for me at least.
Utah State is really the right place for me and i'm so thankful to have the opportunity to go here and live with such awesome people!! aka: Haley. love her. and Utah State. i love Logan so much. it was weird to go home yesterday and see so many people and see soooo many restaurants and shops. me and Haley were both like waaaa? Logan is the right fit.

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