Friday, September 9, 2011

All About the Babies.

i just looked at a bunch of pictures that i took of my niece and nephew, so i decided to share them with the blogging world. i have the sweetest little Snuggles in the whole world. 
First off, they are BEAUTIFUL. but then you meet them and they melt your heart even more. 
really though. 
Jaders is the sweetest, sassiest little one year old. she knows what to do to get her way.
Then there's Crew. who says stuff like "Be safe Jenna! i love you! drive safe! thanks for taking me to Chick Fil  A!" as i'm driving away in the car.  and then when Julie asks him what his favorite animals are he says "mom and dad." 
i don't know Bella...nor do i have pictures of her...well recent ones. but every video i've seen of her is adorable.

My Crewser. He's the cutest 3 year old you'll ever meet.

Cutest 1 year old ever. and so happy all the time!

Best picture ever. courtesy of Loni. on my camera.
as Crew would say
"mom, i'm angry today."
Yeah. i'm related to them. isn't that the best?

ok, so am i getting annoying or what? this is my 3rd blog post today. it's fine.

oh, ps. happy birthday Bella!!! this little beauty turns 2 today!

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