Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lez Romance

First of all. 
i am not a lesbian.
even though my mom thinks i am...
i'm really really not.
but, if i was a lesbian, it would be with this girl:
wouldn't you be?
she's the prettiest thing ever.
i love this girl sooo much. it's unreal.
this was the beginning of our friendship.
senior year, we both were in the Women's Association club.
it was one of the clubs you had to run for, and we were lucky enough to make it.
well, i think that was God's hand.
i'll be honest.
but, the first night of the WA girls hanging out we went to Erika Mosses' cabin.
SO awkward. most of us didn't know each other.
and we watched Baby Mamma and then "went to bed" 
when really we all were awake until like 3, but we thought everyone else was asleep.
isn't that the best?
oh the awkward beginning.

the year moved on and me and Loni just clicked. 
i don't know what it was about her.
we just got along.
plus everyone in WA was kinda weird.
but i love those girls.
they are such a good group of girls.
and i secretly miss it.
but, after that me and Loni would hang out everyone once and a while.
she had a boyfriend for a while after we graduated.
they broke up and we hung out.
then we decided to hang out all the time.
we got to know each other really fast.
we hung out literally everyday in the summer
if we weren't hanging out we were texting of facebooking, or twittering back and forth.
we just hit it off like you would not believe.
i love everything about this girl.
she is beautiful.
so sincere.
she cares for people, so so much.
you feel so loved.
especially when you hang out with her family.
they have a serious love for everyone.
she has the best heart.
she SO funny.
we would laugh forever.
no matter what we were doing we were having a good time.
we literally watched Spice World one day and had the best time.
which is unreal because that movie is the worst.
i feel like this last summer was one of the best because of her.
the zoo!


the spider web at the zoo!

gopher sighting!

Alpine Slide!

after the Alpine slide.
super lady like.

sitting in traffic

watching the meteor shower!

such a fun night!
Needless to say. being and hour and a half away from your best friend is not the easiest thing.
it's the worst.
i miss her so much.
it's hard to go from seeing someone everyday to never seeing them.
especially when it's someone so close to you.
if i ever need someone to talk to or need someone to make me feel better i always turn to her.
she's the greatest.
i can't say that enough.
i think one thing i love about her is that she loves me.
its crazy having someone so accepting of who you are.
and someone who wants to hang out with you despite all of that.

So, Lon. 
this is for you.
i love you, and i miss you.
i can't wait to see you next weekend. 
you are one of the best people i've ever met.
thank you for always being there for me and loving me so fully.
you deserve the best!:)


  1. Haha I love this. Don't worry I tell my roommate all the time that if I were a lez i'd be a lez with her.. (don't worry i am not a lesbian) Love your blog.

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  3. Okay, lesbihonest. I just cried reading that. I love you so much darling!! You're the best. miss you every day!